What is Pixel Collection

On Pixel Collection providers (photographers/graphic designers/artists) can offer their works to interested users for free and/or for a fee for commercial, editorial or private purposes.


Under which license are the works on Pixel Collection?

The works are offered under a Creative Commons (CC) license in connection with the terms and conditions of Pixel Collection.


May the content be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, most content is free for commercial use. You can use these works for commercial websites, advertisements, social media within the scope of the license conditions. Please observe the terms and conditions §4 license

Works marked with "for editorial use only" may not be used freely.


Do I have to specify an image source or the author?

When using Pixel Collection's works, you must name the provider/author. The source is not required, but we recommend to name it anyway in order not to offer any warning lawyers any reason for a warning at this point.


What are partners?

Partners are image agencies like Adobe Stock, Pixabay and other platforms that offer images. When searching on these pages you will be redirected to the partner page by clicking on a partner image.


Can anyone upload photos? Me too?

Yes, anyone can. Just register and get started. As a provider, you must also identify yourself with your ID card or driving licence and provide proof of your place of residence. Have another picture (profile picture) ready for your profile.

Before you think about offering pictures on Pixel Colection please read the terms and conditions!


What happens to my works after uploading?

First of all, you must upload at least 10 images for an examination and classification. You can name, describe, meet and assign your pictures to the corresponding categories. It save us a lot of work and speeds up the activation process. After an inspection (quality, motif, assignment), the images are released or rejected.

Your new account will only be visible after the first image has been activated (not after uploading).


How do I delete a photo?

Login into your account. Go to your profile->My publications. Here you always have an overview of your pictures and can edit or delete them at any time.


Can I delete the whole account?

If you wish, write us a short mail - with pleasure also with the reason for your decision: mail@pixlection. com


I want to be a partner.

Contact us at mail@pixlection.com